Monitor your assets remotely in hazardous zones.

Easy to setup and configure, you will never have to worry about performing heavy modifications on your hardware in order to monitor your equipment again. mock


Dual MCU Architecture

For embedded analytics.

Long Range


LoRaWAN certified (In Progress).

Vault Safe

Secure Element

For data encryption and authentication.


5.0 ready

For field mobility and augmented reality.

10 years*

Battery life

Field replaceable battery (Patent pending).



Hi-gain Omnidirectional (Patent pending).

IP67 logo



Shock and weather proof.

EX logo

Intrinsically Safe


To operate in EX Zone 1 | C1D1

One App fits all.

On-site sensor configuration and live measurement reading. mock

Digital transformation has never been easier with SENSA.IO

Optimize performance with the new SENSA.IO Intelligent Connected Sensors, the best-in-class solution available in the industry. This scalable platform has no-equivalent on the market of process measurement solution, it is a concentrate of technology packaged in a heavy-duty casing that complies with the most restrictive safety standards in the industry.

It embeds a dual MCU and is powered by a long-life field replaceable battery. It allows short- and long-range secure communications, SENSA.IO will minimize your network infrastructure investment and grant insight information about your processes that are mandatory for tomorrow’s predictive analytics. Our Make-To-Order business production strategy allows customers to purchase products adapted to their specifications, making installation quick and cost-effective.


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